Building Motivation



Our Vision: "To Realize a Helping Field where Strengths are the Standard"

The CSBS welcomes you! Our goal is to increase a Strengths approach across all of the helping professions for work with individuals and families. We believe that when a person's strengths, assets and resources are balanced with their faults and failures, then a more accurate view of the person is realized—a view that is truly helpful to all who are concerned with increasing a healthy life.

Our vision is to help the Strengths model become the standard for all helping efforts. Our Center champions direct practice, the one-to-one venue in which the helper and person meet. There have been decades of attention to how people "fall down" and plumb the depths of troubles. We now advocate for the science of "getting up" and how the troubled surmount their difficulties.

Our focus is on the techniques and strategies, the "how to's" that helpers can use to raise motivation levels. We seek to advance techniques and strategies--paying special attention to applied methods.

How can organizations (staff, management, structure, policies and programs) help a Strengths approach to take root and thrive? Our Center provides technical assistance to diverse professional groups—those who work with voluntary clients and especially those clients mandated to accept services by our courts and justice system. Although our Center is based in the United States, we have worked with and shared with helpers and helping organizations from around the world and invite all to gain a global perspective.

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The Motivational Interviewing Continuing Education Program delivers 16 continuing education hours annually with specific tracks for:

  • Adult Probation and Parole Officers
  • Juvenile Court Services Staff
  • Drug Court Team Members
  • Case Managers
  • Treatment Providers

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